PIY is an innovative and inspiring unique flat-packed furniture brand.
From the passive “Do it yourself” to the active “Play it yourself,” we believe that when the moment furniture become 'toyniture' comes, the meaning of home starts to shine.
We are committed to retrieving the traditional handcrafting technique to meet the natural material, therefore bring their hidden beauty to life.
We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact by creating sustainable smart and timeless pieces.
We are committed to producing high-quality design works that everyone could afford.
Welcome to the first unfurnished furniture store in history
The founder said

If I had said I want to open a furniture store without any furniture four years ago,
most people would take it as a stupid and hollow saying, however, we finally has proof it isn’t just a daydream.
Throughout,PIY has never forgot the original intention,that is to let more people have better design.
We’re willing to lean over to talk with the tradition, the young and this world.
In these four years,
we continue down a firm path to verify its feasibility and extend its boundary.
From the NUDE, MEMENTO, MIAO, BAO, PUDDING, to the offline store plan we release today,
the idea is finally beginning to look like a real furniture brand.

We firmly believe that to open a store like this to every corner of the world is a best idea which will help us realize our dreams.
PLAY is not only our brand philosophy,but what we believe in."

Ajao shen
PIY Founder | CD